Student Suspended for Trying to Slip Teacher a Multi-Vitamin

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee June 3, 2010

Seattle police were called to Cooper Elementary late last month after a staff member at the school reported that a young student in detention tried to slip a pill into the employee's drink.

According to a police report for the May 20th incident—which wasn't reported to police until a week later—several students were in the school's library for lunch detention, along with a staff member. When the employee began gathering up lunch trays, the police report says a student slipped "some kind of pill or tablet" into the victim's drink.

According to the report, the student—who "has a history of disciplinary problems"—initially denied putting anything in the staff member's drink, but later admitted he "put a multi vitamin in the victim's drink."

The police report says the student was suspended and "will not be at school for the rest of the year."

What a yabba-dabba dope.


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