School District Investigating Whether Other Sex Offenders Have Slipped Through the Cracks

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee June 1, 2010

After we broke the news that an 18-year-old sex offender has been charged for allegedly raping a fellow student at Roosevelt High School last month, the Seattle school district is investigating whether all sex offenders enrolled in the district are accounted for.

The 18-year-old student facing charges is a level-two registered sex offender, but district officials were apparently unaware that the teen was enrolled at Roosevelt High School.

According to Seattle school district spokeswoman Patti Spencer, staff at district headquarters are now in the process of contacting principals at approximately two-dozen middle and high schools to determine if any other registered sex offenders have been enrolled in Seattle without the district's knowledge.

Last month, KIRO News filed a report on sex offenders in schools, noting the presence of nine offenders enrolled in the Seattle school district. However, the district did not disclose information about a 10th student, Reyes, because of a lapse in communication between Roosevelt administrators and the district.

According to Spencer, after Reyes enrolled at Roosevelt High School, the King County Sheriff's office sent the school a letter notifying school administrators of his status as a sex offender. However, Spencer says, Roosevelt staff failed to provide information about Reyes' enrollment to district headquarters.

Reyes was convicted of child molestation and three counts of child luring in 2008 after, court records say, he offered three young girls—5, 11, and 10-years-old—yo yos and Yu-Gi-Oh trading cards to sit on his lap during three separate incidents at libraries in Greenwood and Wedgwood. In one incident, court records say Reyes took one girl to a library parking garage, where he told her to bend over the hood of a car, patted her on the buttocks, and asked her to take her pants off.

Court records also say that in 2005, two years prior to the luring incidents, Reyes was banned from Seattle public libraries after he was caught masturbating while viewing pornography on library computers.

Spencer previously told KIRO the Seattle school district typically creates a "safety plan" and provides extra monitoring for student sex offenders. But it's unclear whether a safety plan was in place for Reyes. 

Spencer was unable to confirm whether Reyes was on a monitoring plan, which sets limits on student sex offenders' movements while in school, only allowing them to use designated bathrooms and be out class for limited amounts of time.

However, Spencer could not account for the fact that Reyes was able to skip class and later enter a women's bathroom with the 14-year-old special education student he is now accused of raping.

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