1. U.W. political science prof Matt Barreto released a poll this morning on the Tea Party in Washington state. After measuring Tea Party support—19 percent of voters strongly approve while 27 percent strongly disapprove—he zooms in on Tea Party supporters' attitudes on race, immigration, and gay rights.

For example, 88 percent of strong Tea Party supporters approve of Arizona's immigration law and only 18 percent think gays and lesbians should be able to get married.

The poll also looks at specific issues in Washington state. It was the overall numbers—not the Tea Party numbers—that are noteworthy here: a minority, 41 percent of all voters disapprove of the health care reform bill; likewise, 40 percent approve of state AG Rob McKenna's challenge to the health care reform; and 45 percent disapprove of the new taxes on candy, beer, cigarettes, and bottled water passed by the legislature this year. Right in sync with those findings? U.S. Sen. Patty Murray is beating Dino Rossi 44 to 40.

1,695 people were surveyed with a margin of error of +/- 2.3.

2. A lot of Cola readers were MIA on Memorial Day. So, we must recommend that you go go back and check out yesterday's Fizz which included an amazing video from some library science students at the U.W.

The site also had a post from Boeing Nerd; Erica on yet another blooper from Port CEO Tay Yoshitani; and Josh on a blooper from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Comittee.

3. We expected Rolling Stone reporter Matt Taibbi's latest article about Wall Street malfeasance to star populist U.S. Sen. Maria Cantwell—the article was about the Senate's (failed) efforts to pass meaningful financial reform.

Taibbi does hype Cantwell's dramatic attempt to close a massive loop hole in the bill and chart the significance of her defiant vote (with Sen. Russ Feingold) against cloture. But the article mostly focuses on the bad guys: Banking Committee Chair, Sen. Chris Dodd; Majority Leader, Sen. Harry Reid; Wall Street lobbyists; and the Obama administration.

This is a must read; the kind of on-the-ground reporting about the U.S. Senate you won't read anywhere else.

4. After getting buy-in from local school districts, unions, principals, and superintendents, Gov. Chris Gregoire is officially submitting the state's application for $250 million in federal education—or Race to the Top—grants today.

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