Police Investigating Another Anti-White Incident In West Seattle

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee June 9, 2010

Seattle police are investigating whether an alleged anti-white incident in West Seattle is connected to another racially-charged assault on a teen last month.

In this latest incident, a teen and two of his friends were walking near 16th Ave SW and SW Henderson St on May 31st around 7:00pm when a black male and an Asian male, both wearing all blue, approached the victim—who was wearing all red—and asked here he was from.

The Asian suspect then challenged the victim to a fight, a police report says, and repeatedly made comments that he "hate[s] white people"

The victim was able to avoid a physical confrontation, and the two groups parted ways. One of the suspects warned the victim to "stay safe" as he walked away.

Several minutes later, one of the suspects walked back up to the victim, said "I like your hat," and snatched the teen's Cincinnati Reds ball cap off his head. Both suspects then walked off.

Just over two weeks ago, another West Seattle teen was brutally beaten by two men a mile away from the scene of this robbery. The victim, 16-year-old Shane McClellan, told police he was beaten by an Asian male and a black male for four hours in the middle of the night. During the assault, the suspects allegedly told him "the white man has kept us down" and "this is for enslaving our people."

SPD spokesman Mark Jamieson says detectives are examining both cases to see if there is a link.

The police report for this latest incident indicates the two men identified as possible suspects in the assault on McClellan last month are "persons of interest" in this case, as the suspects used a "similar M.O." and both crimes were committed in the same area.

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