Panic On the Streets of Belltown

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee June 22, 2010

After a man was shot in Belltown early Sunday morning—apparently after he interrupted a car prowler—neighbors are organizing and getting ready to dish out some awesome, Batman-style vigilante justice on their streets (or something).

From the

Belltown Citizens on Patrol, a group that has been gathering for about a year with roughly 10 people patrolling the streets on weekly walks, organized a public safety forum on Tuesday.

The forum, is expected to include Seattle Police West Precinct staff, 911 supervisors, representatives from King County Prosecuting Attorney's Office, Superior Court Judge Bruce Hilyer and Sharon Armstrong, chief criminal Superior Court judge.

"I think we clearly have a problem in Belltown with street disorder and violence," said City Councilman Tim Burgess, a former cop and head of the Public Safety and Education Committee. "It demands a response by city leaders, including elected officials, and our police commanders. We've allowed this environment to exist for too long."

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