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By Camden Swita June 15, 2010

1. Over the weekend, Erik Smith at the Washington State Wire noticed that the I-1100 signature gathering table at a Costco had suddenly disappeared. He did some reporting; across the state, all the tables at Costco (which has donated $535,000 to the measure) were gone.

Could this mean that I-1100, one of two measures to privatize liquor sales in Washington state, has already gathered enough signatures to make it to the November ballot?

2. Bill Richards at Crosscut has some troubling news about The Seattle website's owner, New York-based Hearst Corp. has sold its "e-reading service platform" called Skiff to the Rupert Murdoch News Corp.

This is troubling for because, as Richards explains, Hearst planned to funnel its papers and websites, including the PI, through Skiff, and Richards theorizes the the that we know today is merely a placeholder for a different kind of news site until Skiff goes live. That's mainly because has never been profitable for Hearst as a standalone website.

Now that Skiff is in the hands of Murdoch, however, the PI's future has become considerably more clouded.

3. Joel Connelly at reported that Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA) sent another shot over BP's bow and joined 54 other Senate Democrats in demanding that the oil giant set aside $20 billion in an escrow fund for cleanup and damage compensation for the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

4. At last! The Slog! They've got Mary Traverse on a font and Megan Seling on her taste in yogurt.
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