1. Chris Grygiel of SeattlePI.com's Strange Bedfellows re-blogs a post by political numbers nerd Nate Silver. Silver gives a nod to SurveyUSA, a robopolling firm out of New Jersey that's prominent in these parts for the polls it does with KING-5, calling it a "strong polling firm" and claiming that "no company has done more to contradict the notion that a 'robopollster' need be inferior."

2. Over at Crosscut, former Seattle Weekly editor Knute Berger points out an under-the-radar budget cut that's either disturbing or funny, depending on how you look at it. The Washington Board on Geographic Names, funding for which was already cut by the Legislature, was nixed entirely by Governor Gregoire this year, making Washington the only state in the union without its own board for naming and renaming geographical features within its boundaries.

The U.S. Board on Geographic Names will pick up where the state board, which recently became famous for renaming the Georgia-Puget Sound-Strait of Juan De Fuca the Salish Sea, left off. Berger fears, however, that local input has been seriously damaged. One employee of the Department of Natural Resources, which housed the board, says Washington may be the new "naming Wild West."

3. Over at the Seattle Times Northwest Politics blog, Kyung M. Song forced the Washington State Democratic Party to be a bit more transparent.

Song posted about a fake Rossi Twitter account the Democrats set up that gave the reader no indication  it was actually a hoax. Rossi's bio on the fake account?
"This one time, seven years ago, I did a state budget. Now I'm a career candidate. Two time loser, going for my third out."

After she asked someone at the Democratic Party about the lack of disclosure, the Democrats posted a link to the Washington State Democrats website on their fake Rossi account.

4. The Tacoma News Tribune's Political Buzz blog has a piece about Sen. Patty Murray swearing to fight for Washington's share of federal Medicaid money, which is currently in jeopardy.

5. At HorsesAss, Goldy IDs U.S. Rep. Dave Reichert's newest opponent as a Tea Partier.
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