Man Pulls Gun Outside of Capitol Hill Clubs

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee June 3, 2010

From CHS:

The area around E. Pike and Boylston outside the Maharaja and the Hunter Gatherer Lodge continues to be a magnet for late night 911 calls. In the latest incident, one man was arrested after reports of an ugly brawl and a man with a gun drew a fleet of police cruisers to the 700 block of E. Pike early last Friday morning.

According to a Seattle Police Department report on the incident, the dispute broke out when "regular" patrons of the unnamed bar warned a man that enjoying his alcoholic beverage outside the bar would attract police. The young gentleman took umbrage at one particular samaritan's remarks and replied, "I'll blaze you" and then proceeded to a vehicle where he grabbed a handgun, put it in his pocket, returned to his drinking location and, then, according to the report, pointed it at the man who had advised him of the risky nature of his public drinking. The other man made a grab for the gun and the struggle sent the pistol to the sidewalk as a fist fight involving several participants broke out. A witness told police that as the fight continued, the drinking man's girlfriend retrieved the pistol from the sidewalk. Another witness said she saw a female employee of the unnamed bar 'egging' the fight on as a man kicked another in the face.

*Marcus from the Hunter Gatherer Lodge called to says the incident "had nothing to do with [his] club."

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