Homeless Serial Burglar Charged

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee June 1, 2010

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James Troy Byrge, a felon who police say broke into several homes while living in The Jungle, a wooded homeless encampment near the interchange of Interstate 5 and Interstate 90, was sentenced Friday on five counts of residential burglary.

Police say he remains a suspect in several more cases, but has not been charged in those other investigations.

In 2009, police investigated several residential burglaries near The Jungle. The burglaries were happening nearby and investigators suspected a homeless person.

"The MO in these thirteen burglaries consisted of them occurring in the morning or afternoon hours, were all along streets and neighborhoods east of 'The Jungle,'" Seattle Police Detective Michael Alphin wrote in court documents. "Several had been occupied at the time, the doors were kicked in, items being left behind, shoes and clothing taken or exchanged, urination and defecation at the residences, and the eating and drinking of items at the residences."

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