Gang Detectives Investigate Georgetown Shooting

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee June 11, 2010

SPD gang detectives are investigating a shooting in Georgetown after a man showed up at a hospital with a bullet wound in his scalp.

The man was dropped off at a hospital on June 5th, where he told police he'd been sitting in the passenger seat of a car stopped at a light on 4th Ave S and S Fidalgo at about 10:00pm when two men on the sidewalk yelled something at him.

The victim told police he couldn't hear the men over the music playing in the car, but when he turned to look at the men, he saw one of the men draw a handgun and fire one shot.

The bullet struck the man in the scalp and shattered the driver's site window.

The man's family and friends then took him to the hospital.

The victim told police the two suspects were in their mid-20s and were wearing all blue. He also said he didn't know why he was targeted in the shooting.

Police went to the intersection where the man had claimed he'd been shot, but police weren't able to find any evidence. However, officers did find blood and broken glass in a nearby parking lot.

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