First Charges Filed In Operation Fast Track

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee June 23, 2010

Prosecutors have filed their first case against a gang member and alleged pimp targeted in a sweep earlier this week.

Prosecutors have charged a Kent man, Allen Darell Quilantang, 21, with promoting prostitution after police spotted him dropping off girls at The Track, a two-block stretch near the Seattle Center which police say has become a magnet for prostitutes and pimps from across the state.

As we first reported earlier this week, police learned about The Track in January and began a six-month investigation, Operation Fast Track, which led police to several pimps, arrested during a sting on Monday

Prosecutors allege Quilantang, who is not yet in custody, was spotted numerous times driving around the Track between January and April.

Shortly before midnight on January 30th, police watched as Quilantang pulled up near the Track at Taylor Ave N and Thomas St in a gold Cadillac, and drop off a young woman.

Detectives stopped the young woman—and two other women—at 6th and John and identified them. Police records say all three had prior arrests for prostitution.

Detectives released the women, and court documents say all three went back to "walking The Track."

Police spotted the woman they'd seen with Quilantang several more times over the next two months, and arrested her in an undercover sting on March 14th.

Police took the woman to SPD headquarters and, during an interview, asked her if she was a prostitute. Court records say she told officers "It's pretty obvious, isn't it? I gotta do what I gotta do."

The woman finally admitted Quilantang was her pimp, and told detectives she worked for him "because he takes care of me."

Police told the woman they weren't going to book her in to jail, but told her she needed to have someone come pick her up from headquarters. The woman called Quilantang, who initially refused to pick her up because he believed police were going to arrest him.

A detective called Quilantang and assured him that wasn't the case.

Quilantang picked the woman up around 5:30am and, after being identified by police, was let go.

Police say Quilantang is a member of the Valley Hood Piru gang, and jail records indicate he was arrested for a drive-by shooting outside of Club Diamond—an all-ages club where police say pimps recruit young women—in December.

Court records say he has prior convictions for robbery, assault, and obstruction convictions.

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