"Do you know how sharp this is, you know what I can do with this"

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee June 25, 2010

Stick vs. knife on Queen Anne (or, corkscrews should never be used for evil):

2016 hours of 06/21/10, we were dispatched to the located at 1xx Roy St for a disturbance involving weapons.

The call indicated two subjects were fighting with a stick and a knife. We arrived and made contact with victim and witnesses at the park. They all pointed across the street to where the suspect was.

The suspect, victim and witnesses were all interviewed.

The investigation revealed the following sequence of events: Victim and witnesses were sitting together in the park. And without any provocation the suspect approached the victim, pulled out a wine opener, opened a small blade and said "Do you know how sharp this is, you know what I can do with this" and began to swing at the victim. The victim defended himself by using a stick. The witnesses were also in the park and observed the altercation between the suspect and the victim. I found the wine bottle opener in the suspect's right front coat pocket and it was positively identified by witness[.]

The suspect was booked into the King County Jail for assault.

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