Aurora Motel Tenants Narrowly Avoid Eviction

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee June 11, 2010

The city called off plans to evict residents of troubled Aurora motel earlier today after the motel's owners caught up on a massive overdue water bill.

Police and Department of Planning and Development officials had planned to serve eviction notices at the Italia Motel on 41st and Aurora noon at today, after the city shut off water at the motel earlier this week.

However, right at the deadline last night, the motel's motrgage owner paid a past-due $7,000 water bill—much cheaper than the $3,000 the owners would have had to pay each of the tenants if they'd been evicted. It's unclear how many tenants are staying at the Isabella. The motel's phone appears to be disconnected.

The city has been working to close the Italia and four other Aurora motels owned by the Dean and Jill Inman since last year. In April, the city won their case, and the Inmans agreed to close, lease to a non-profit group, or sell the Italia and nearby Isabella—which, according to the city, had become a hub for drugs, prostitution, and other illegal activity—by August. 

The Isabella could be facing similar problems later this month if the owners do not cough up approximately $2500 to cover that motel's utility bills.

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