Assault and Robbery Roundup: Driver Rams Car, Laughs at Victim

By Tom Fucoloro June 24, 2010

Our roundup begins in Columbia City, where a man rammed his car into a woman's car, then looked her in the eyes and laughed at her. The woman was in her car on S Dakota St. near Rainier Ave. June 19 when she saw the suspect's vehicle accelerating towards her from about 100 feet away, according to the police report. The suspect's vehicle struck the front of her car and caused minor damage.

The woman told police the man then looked her in the eyes and started laughing at her before driving away. Two vehicles that seemed to be racing with the suspect's vehicle also drove by her. In one car, the driver looked at her and shook his head as though he disapproved of his buddy's actions. Police are investigating and had made attempts to contact the suspect vehicle's registered owner.

June 20, Ballard 

Our roundup moves now to Ballard, where a man ran out to his friend's car parked near Gilman Playground to grab his cellphone. While digging in the car, he felt a tap on his shoulder. A man pointed a black handgun at him and demanded the victim give him everything. He turned over everything except his friend's car keys. The suspect fled on foot.

June 18, Myrtle Edwards Park

According to the P.I., there's a cyclist at Myrtle Edwards Park who has been slapping asses:

A woman reported that a cyclist slapped her on the butt as she was jogging at Myrtle Edwards park and uttered comments at her. It happened around 6:15 p.m. on June 18, according to a Seattle police report.

Security guards were aware of several women having the same thing happen to them while at the park, according to the police report.

June 18, Maple Leaf

Our roundup comes to a close at a store that never closes: the QFC at Roosevelt and Northgate Way. The suspect filled his grocery cart up with food and went right out the doors without paying. About half the cart had been loaded into the suspect's vehicle when the victim (who was either security, police or an empolyee, it's hard to tell from the report) confronted him. The suspect them kicked the shopping cart at the victim, who was able to dodge it, and then kicked the victim. The suspect was arrested.

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