Woman Mugged At South Seattle Light Rail Station

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee May 7, 2010

Seattle police arrested a teenage boy in South Seattle last week after he allegedly mugged and assaulted a woman at a light rail station.

Shortly before 6:15pm on May 1st, the woman got off the light rail at the Mount Baker station, and a was followed by a teenage boy.

The teen "was following closely" behind the victim as she walked down the stairs from the light rail platform, the report says, when he snatched the woman's cell phone out of her hands.

The woman grabbed her phone back from the teen, who then tried to take the woman's purse. The woman and the teen got into a tug of war over the purse, tearing it, and the woman dropped her phone during the struggle.

The teen pushed the woman up against a wall and onto the ground, and then picked up her phone and fled.

The woman and three witnesses chased the teen, but he managed to get away. The woman saw the teen heading west on S McClellan St with a group of other teenage boys who had also gotten off the train at the station.

Police arrived at the scene shortly after the incident, and found the teenage suspect and his group of friends.

When police questioned the teen, he admitted to stealing the woman's phone.

Officers took the teen to the South Precinct where, during an interview, the boy told officers "he became 'angry' with the victim when she resisted his efforts" to rob her. The teen also admitted he had "slammed' the woman to the ground. The report notes that the teenage boy is "much bigger" than the victim who, the report says, is "about five feet tall or less."

Officers booked the teen mugger into the Youth Service Center for robbery. The report also indicates police arrested another boy who had purchased the stolen cell phone from the teenage robber for $30, but it appears he was not booked into detention.

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