National partisan Democratic news site Talking Points Memo is up with its take on Dino Rossi vs. Patty Murray.

TPM's spin pushes the Democratic hope that Rossi, just like other GOP establishment candidates such as Florida's Charlie Crist, Utah's Bob Bennett, and Kentucky's Trey Grayson, will run into problems with Tea Party candidates like Marco Rubio, Mike Lee, and Rand Paul, respectively.

Rossi's supposed problem: Tea Partier Clint Didier, the Pasco, Washington farmer and former NFLer.

Last week Palin endorsed Clint Didier, a former Redskins and Packers tight end and tea party favorite. And Didier hasn't been shy about bashing the establishment pick.

In a statement Didier laid it all out there saying he will not be quitting:

"I don't know Dino Rossi personally. But I do know he is part of the Republican establishment - all you have to do is look at those he surrounds himself with. I don't believe he's the conservative people think he is. If people want more of the same, the McCain or Bush type of governing, then they can support Dino. If they want the change they missed the last time, then they can support me."

The problem with this take, which TPM fails to note, is that Washington State has a straight top-two primary, so there isn't a formal intramural fight to send one Republican into battle against Sen. Murray.

Chris Vance, former state GOP chair and current Republican consultant, says, "Bennett had to go in front of a closed party convention to get on the November ballot. Crist had to face a closed primary where only registered Republicans could vote for him. Those aren't the rules here. Under our rules it's all about name ID. Given that, Dino and Patty are cruising into November."

The GOP in Washington state does not have a nominating convention.

But won't bomb throwing from the Didier and the Tea Party slow Rossi's momentum? If not formally, perhaps literally?

Vance says: "The fact that Dino waited so long to get in has made a few activists grumpy and the Palin endorsement has made a few more activists interested in Didier, but that's dozens of people not thousands. It will be annoying, but it's not going to make any real difference."

Vance acknowledges that Rossi dodged a bullet. "If we had a system like Utah and you had to fight for the nomination that would be frightening right now. Those dozens of activists would have real power."

Didier has not returned our call.