Up to $20,000 of Stuff Stolen from Interbay Storage Locker

By Tom Fucoloro May 19, 2010

A woman told police that over 20 boxes of her personal belongings, adding up to between $15,000 and $20,000 in value, was missing from her storage locker on 15th Ave. W near the Interbay Golf Center, according to the police report. 

Movers had taken her stuff to the storage space in late December, and everything was in order when she checked on it in March. But when she went back May 12, her things were gone and there was a hole in the wall between her locker and the locker next to it. The hole was not there in March, she told police.

The facility's manager told police that the renter of the space next to hers is behind on rent and never told the manager about the damage to the wall. The manager told police he suspects that renter was involved in the theft, according to the report.

There are several storage facilities in the same block, so it is difficult to determine from the report which one the victim was using. The matter was referred to the West Precinct's burglary and theft unit.

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