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By Josh Feit May 5, 2010

Last Friday's announcement about playing to our strength—politics news—doesn't mean we're  actually going to  stop living in the city that we're so riled up about. We're still going to post about cool bands and restaurants—the cultural life that makes the politics stuff all the more important—when we get a chance.

For example, our "Last Night" feature is still in the mix. Erica's supposedly got one queued up for later today about her adventures on the bus last night. She texted me something about a guy lighting up a crack pipe.

And here's a "This Morning" post.

I was sixth in this bike line up on my morning commute downtown this morning.  Maybe it's because of this, but whatever the reason, it added to my sense that the times they are a changin'.

The latest numbers have Seattle at No. 3 in the country when it comes to the percentage of people who bike to work—we're at 2.9 percent. The national average is .4 percent. And we've jumped 52 percent in the last decade, from 1.9. That trounces our population growth over the same time—6.2 percent.
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