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SDOT Director Responds to $30 Million Transportation Request

By Erica C. Barnett May 7, 2010

At a forum sponsored by Transportation Choices Coalition this afternoon, Seattle transportation department director Peter Hahn wouldn't commit to an exact number for future investments in pedestrian, bike, and transit projects, but said $30 million---the amount a new campaign called Streets for All is seeking from the city per year---would be just enough to put city transportation funding from the general fund and gas taxes on par with what it was spending in 1998, before the two most recent economic recessions.

Thirty million would certainly be welcome," Hahn said. "When is the time ... to make substantial investments in transportation? If it's not now, it's yesterday."

However, he added, "I'm not sure how much revenues will be discussed" at next week's /Walk, Bike, Ride event "versus the theme that we're emphasizing walking, biking, and transit and why that's an important value for our city."

Mayor Mike McGinn will appear at the event, which has been billed as an "announcement of the 'Walk Bike Ride' Initiative to make walking, biking and transit the easiest ways to get around in Seattle."
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