Pot Patient Robbed In Home Invasion On Capitol Hill

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee May 27, 2010

A 20-year-old pot dealer is facing assault and burglary charges for allegedly ripping off one of his clients, a medical marijuana patient, on Capitol Hill earlier this month.

Prosecutors say on May 7th, Gizachew Degol Wondie, 20, and another unidentified man burst into the apartment of one of Wondie's clients, assaulted him, and stole nearly $2,000, and a whole bunch of weed.

Police documents say the victim had just returned home to his apartment building in the 1600 block of Summit Ave at around 1:30am, and buzzed in two men he thought were his friends dropping by.

Moments later, he heard a knock at his door, and two men forced their way into his apartment.

One of the men grabbed the victim by the neck, and dragged him into his living room.

The victim told police he passed out for a short period of time, and woke up to find that his safe—containing $1700 cash, 3/4 of medical marijuana, and 50 prescribed Oxycontin and Xanax pills—were missing. Court documents say the victim sustained a bruised larynx in the incident.

Court records say the victim told police he believed he'd recognized one of the robbers as a man named "Gizzy" who had come over several time in the last few months to sell the victim marijuana. The victim also told police he recognized Gizzy's "hair small" during the incident. Following the incident, court records say the victim also received several messages from "Gizzy" asking if he was OK.

Police contacted "Gizzy,"—who lives in an apartment near the scene of the robbery—and searched his apartment, court records say.

Officers only found $65, but Gizzy told police he had recently sold $2,200 worth of pot to the victim, and knew that he kept his cash in a safe in his apartment.

Wondie was booked into Jail on May 13, but was released the next day.

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