Police Find Gun, Seize Car Outside of Troubled Nightclub

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee May 17, 2010

Seattle police officers on a "crime prevention patrol" outside of Club Diamond on lower Queen Anne towed away a car parked outside the club last week after security staff spotted a loaded handgun left in the back seat of the vehicle.

According to a police search warrant affidavit released last week, police are focusing their attention on Club Diamond, which "is known to be the scene of disturbances, fights, and drive-by shootings."

In the last six months, patrol officers and gang unit detectives have responded to the all-ages club for numerous reports of gunfire, shootouts between gang members, and other incidents.

Last Monday, May 10th, a security guard approached officers in the club's parking lot at about 12:30am and said he had spotted a handgun in a car while he was on patrol.

Police looked inside the 2001 silver Dodge Intrepid, and found a silver revolver which "appeared to be loaded," police records say.

Officers unable to find the owner of teh car, so they had it towed to the SPD processing room in SoDo.

According to police records, it is illegal to leave a loaded handgun in your car even if you have a concealed weapons permit and legally own the firearm.

We're trying to find out if anyone was arrested or charged. A search warrant appears to indicate police didn't actually seize the gun when they searched the vehicle.

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