The Morning Blotter: Police Arrest Fake Parking Attendant Downtown

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee May 11, 2010

Seattle police arrested a 54-year-old man in Downtown Seattle late last month after he allegedly scammed cash out of at least two people while posing as a parking lot attendant.

At 8:00pm on April 29th, police received a call from a man who said he'd just been ripped off by the fake attendant. The man told police he had pulled his vehicle into a lot at 1st and Pike, when the suspect walked up to him and told him it cost $10 to park in the lot.

The victim handed the suspect a $10 bill and walked out of the lot. On the street, the report says, another person approached the victim and said they too had just been scammed by the fake lot attendant.

The victim drove after the suspect, who had fled the lot, and caught up to him at 4th and Lenora, where the attendant, who shoved the victim and threw the $10 bill in his face.

Police arrived and arrested the man who, according to city records, has not yet been charged.

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