Officer Transferred For Kissing Teen Also Accused of Sexual Harassment

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee May 7, 2010

What a great day for the Seattle Police Department.

This latest gem comes from the PI.Com, which has been doing an ace job of covering the icky legal mire surrounding Officer Rob Mahoney, who was disciplined for kissing an 18-year-old girl who Mahoney supervised in SPD's Explorer's program (think cop Cub Scouts).

The complaint against Rob Mahoney stemmed from an incident in the Communications Center on July 29, 2009 -- the same day the Public Safety Civil Service Commission affirmed Mahoney's 30-day suspension and transfer for misconduct.

The investigation into the sexual harassment was completed earlier this year and the complaint was not sustained.

[ed: note not sustained is not the same thing as "innocent."  The official definition is that "the allegation of misconduct was neither proved nor disproved by a preponderance of the evidence."]

"There was no merit to it whatsoever," Mahoney's attorney, Alex Higgins, said. "If there was merit, you can be assured that the police department has no love lost for Officer Mahoney and would have been swift in taking disciplinary action."


A man who worked with Mahoney complained in a department memo that he made comments of a sexual and harassing nature to his supervisor, a female sergeant in the communications center.

I think Seattle's found its new chief.

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