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More Fallout from this Weekend's Labor Revolt Against the Democrats

By Josh Feit May 17, 2010

In today's Morning Fizz report on the Washington State Labor Council's rebellion against specific Democrats who have bucked union interests—they symbolically refused to endorse Democratic leaders like House Speaker Frank Chopp (he doesn't have an opponent) and strategically refused to endorse state Sen. Rodney Tom (D-48) (he's in a tight race)—we failed to mention that WSLC actually did endorse a Democrat insurgent, Lillian Kaufer, who's running against one of labor's foes, state Sen. Steve Hobbs (D-44, Snohomish).

Hobbs, along with Sens. Tom and Chris Marr (D-6, Spokane) and Derek Kilmer (D-26, Bremerton), scored the lowest on the WSLC voting scorecard, getting 50 percent. None of them got the WSLC endorsement, but WSLC went further in Hobbs' case, and endorsed his Democratic challenger Kaufer, whose thin bio doesn't sport much more than paralegal and appearing in court on behalf of foster children. (Tom and Marr have GOP challengers, but the WSLC did not endorse them.)

Kaufer's issues page is pretty generic too (and doesn't seem particularly labor-focused), but with Hobbs supporting furloughs for state workers, not voting to suspend I-960, voting to allow the UW to set its own tuition, and voting against the final revenue package (four key votes for the WSLC), it looks like they were willing to get behind most any Democrat willing to take him on.
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