By Josh Feit May 7, 2010

Even though we endorsed Mike McGinn for mayor twice (primary and general—and quite elegantly, if I do say so myself), we are widely perceived as being anti-McGinn.

That's pretty cool.

But actually, we don't have a reporting bias. Erica is doing what reporters are paid to do—holding elected officials, like Mayors of big cities, accountable—dogging them with questions based on reporting, public records requests, tips, and the expertise that she's built up after years of covering city hall.

When we do that basic job (sorry, but we're just not into regurgitating McGinn's speaking points—we don't go in for his Hugo Chavez thing), we may appear to be biased against him. We aren't. We're just reporting.

In fact, if you want to catch us in editorial mode—not reporting mode—check out what I had to say about McGinn on Friday morning on KUOW. You may be surprised.
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