Man Charged For Threatening To Blow Up Metro Bus In South Seattle

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee May 5, 2010

King County prosecutors have filed charges against a man who allegedly tried to board a bus in South Seattle late last month wielding two full gasoline cans and a lit cigarette, and threatened to blow the bus up.

According to court records, Daniel E Gleason, 31, approached a bus driver on layover at a stop at Rainier and Henderson at about 4:30 AM on April 28th, placed two gas cans on the ground, and lit up a cigarette.

Court records say when the driver told Gleason he was not allowed on the bus with the gasoline cans, and Gleason said his car had run out of gas about four miles away.

The driver told Gleason "she did not make the rules," and Gleason informed her he was "going to blow the bus up anyway."

The driver tried to close the doors and leave but was unable to "for unknown reasons," court records say.

When the driver informed Gleason he was being audio and video recorded, he told her to "bring the po po over here. They can suck my..." as he grabbed his crotch.

Gleason—who, court records say, is white—continued, shouting "white mother fucking ass mother fucking pecker wood ass" at the driver. Court records say Gleason then picked up the two gas cans while standing in front of the bus and told the driver "I got something for that ass."

The driver spotted two police officers sitting in a nearby patrol car and began honking her horn and flashing her lights to get the officers' attention.

Officers saw what was happening, and came over, arrested Gleason for making bomb threats, and poured out the cans of gasoline.

Court records indicate Gleason has previously been convicted of assaulted, drug possession, DUI, and hit and run. Jail records indicate Gleason is still being held on drug, assault and bomb threat charges.

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