I just got an email from Wes, our ad director.

Have we lost our ethical bearings, letting our ad guy write copy about a restaurant? Nah. It's just that Erica, Camden, and Chris and I are so swamped covering politics these days, we don't have social lives. Here's Wes:
Last night, I had some kick-ass mexican food from Gorditos in Greenwood.  Gorditos Healthy Mexican Food, at the corner of 85th and Greenwood, is a tiny hole-in-the-wall joint that also happens to be Mayor McGinn's favorite restaurant.

They feature a "Burrito Grande" which is literally the size of an infant. And if you let them take a picture of your newborn next to the behemoth, it's free!  I personally went for a not-so-grande steak burrito "fajita style" smothered in their delicious homemade salsa and have over half left for lunch today.

I also enjoyed a glass of their very tasty horchata.  If you are in the north side of town this place is definitely one to check out.
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