Rossi's Rubio connection

National politics news website Politico broke the story this morning that Dino Rossi has his top campaign team in place.

And, big surprise, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee—which has been firing off daily press releases since late March trashing the unofficial candidate—has already responded with some dirt.

The DSCC release hypes the fact that Rossi's campaign manager, Pat Shortridge, was a former lobbyist for corruption poster child Enron.

The DSCC, which has been accusing Rossi of "dirty" business deals,  blares:

Establishment Candidate With Record Of Shady Deals Picks Washington Lobbyist Who Represented Company Brought Down in The Biggest Corruption Scandal This Century

With ethically challenged, perennial politician Dino Rossi all but certain to enter the U.S. Senate race any day now, Republican sources indicate that Rossi has turned to a former lobbyist for Enron to run his campaign.  POLITICO is reporting that Rossi has settled on Pat Shortridge, a former lobbyist for Enron, to be the general consultant in his Senate race.

“It’s no surprise that Dino Rossi’s first hire in his Senate campaign is a former lobbyist for Enron,” said DSCC Communications Director Eric Schultz. “Rossi’s consultant is likely well-trained in defending shady deals, questionable business arrangements, and other ethical lapses. At least Dino Rossi acknowledges the baggage he brings to the race and is building a campaign accordingly.”

What the DSCC release didn't mention—presumably because it would F with the Demorats' preferred storyline, which casts Rossi as the establishment Republican facing a problematic intramural challenge from Tea Party candidate Clint Didier, is this: Shortridge was a top strategist for Tea Party poster boy Marco Rubio, who toppled establishment GOP Florida Gov. Charlie Crist.

We have a call into the Rossi camp for a comment on the Enron dig.
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