Assault Roundup: Knocked Out Cold in Downtown

By Tom Fucoloro May 12, 2010

If you like being conscious, downtown Seattle in the early morning of May 9 was not the best place to be. Two different people (in what appear to be unrelated events) got knocked out cold by punches to the head. When he came to, one of them did not know what day it was.

Belltown, 2:15 a.m.

Two men exited a bar near 2nd Ave and Lenora and got into a verbal altercation. However, one of these men, part of a group of 20 guys wearing red caps, happened to have a mean hook. According to the police report, the alleged assailant landed a punch in the victim's face, and the victim's body went limp and collapsed backwards onto the sidewalk.

By the time police arrived, the group of 20, including the suspect, had fled southbound. They were not located. The victim had a large, bleeding blump on the back of his head (perhaps from the fall?) and was extremely confused. He told the officer he thought it was Monday afternoon, and he did not know what city he was in. He did not remember being in a fight or how he ended up on the sidewalk. He did say that he drank 12 beers that night.

He was transported to the hospital.

Pioneer Square, 2 a.m.

A few male friends were headed back to their vehicle parked under the viaduct at Alaskan Way and S Main St. when one of the friends started to argue with a nearby group of guys. The friends eventually all got into the car, with the victim behind the wheel. As soon as the car started to pull away, the friend that had been arguing jumped out of the car and started to fight with the other group. The victim stopped the car. Noticing that their friend was losing the fight, they all got out the car and joined in the fight.

As the victim approached where his friend was fighting, however, one of the guys in the other group punched him in the right side of his face and knocked him out cold.

He woke a few minutes later, and the other group was gone. None of his friends had been injured. He drove himself to the hospital and was treated for abrasions and a mild concussion.


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