Two Robberies Target People's Chains

By Tom Fucoloro April 28, 2010

Two robberies April 23 targeted people's chains, but police reports do not suggest they are linked (...get it?).

Rainier Beach, 4:00 PM

A newish-looking four-door Jaguar pulled up next to a man walking on S Roxbury St. in Rainier Beach. A female suspect in the Jag told him to come over to the car. The victim told police he did not know the vehicle or the people in the car, so he was reluctant to come too close.

However, when he eventually did approach the car, the female suspect grabbed the chain he was wearing and attempted to rip it off. The chain broke, but she dropped it. The victim picked up the chain and ran. A male suspect in the vehicle jumped out of the Jag and ran after the victim, eventually catching up to him. The suspect told him that if he handed over the chain, he would not hurt him. The victim gave the man the chain, and the suspect got back in the car and the vehicle exited. No suspects or vehicles were located.

Cleveland High School, Beacon Hill, 12:30 PM

A man on lunch break in the parking lot of Cleveland High School was attacked and robbed by someone who may have targeted him because of the chain he usually wears. The police report does not state if the victim is a student of the school or not. The victim was talking on his cell phone and in the process of opening his car door when the suspect approached him, according to the police report. The victim had just put his phone in his pocket when the suspect told him not to move.

The suspect then grabbed the collar of the victim's hoodie and asked him, "Where's your chain?" The victim usually wears a gold chain, but was not wearing it at the time. The suspect then wrestled him to the ground. They struggled a bit, and eventually the suspect grabbed the victim's cell phone and ran off.

The victim's forehead and knees were scraped up, but he declined medical attention. He thought it was curious that the suspect had known about the chain he typically wears. He tentatively identified the suspect as a student at the school, but he was not entirely sure. The school said the potential suspect was troublesome and was suspended at the time due to an unrelated incident. The police report does not note if the police were attempting to contact the suspect.

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