The Seattle Times' Front-Page Graffiti Editorial

By Josh Feit April 26, 2010

Since Erica "Crank" Barnett has turned the site into an editorial page today, I'm jumping in with some C of my own.

Subject: The Seattle Times' front-page story on graffiti. (And, by the way, be sure to check in on philosopher king Charles Mudede over at Slog, who also takes issue with today's very dumb Times story.)

It was pretty hard to find the news peg for this, um, news story. (A citywide audit of graffiti and litter that Seattle City Council Members Tim Burgess and Tom Rasmussen called for two months ago that's due in, um, June?)

The real impetus for the story is this: The Seattle Times, thinking they struck a chord by editorializing in favor of  Burgess' panhandling ordinance last week, is now on an editorial  jag to create a public fever for "civility." (Yes, I'm accusing them of running a subjective editorial on their front page. Oh my.)

Of course, there's a political agenda at work here. The Times, longing for the days when they were relevant, are trying to trip up Mayor Mike McGinn, who found game last week when he vetoed the panhandling ordinance.

I'm not saying every tagger is a budding Basquiat, but on the list of issues deserving a front-page crusade, graffiti ranks about as high as McGin's "schlumpy" grooming habits.
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