The Morning Blotter: Teens Busted For Break-In, Vandalism At North Seattle School

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee April 5, 2010

Seattle police arrested a four teens at a North Seattle elementary school last week after the group allegedly broke in to a class room and, um, redecorated.

SPD bike patrol officers rolled up to Viewlands Elementary—at 105th and 3rd Ave NW, near Carkeek Park—at about 5:30pm on March 29th after receiving reports of "suspicious activity" in a school portable.

A police report says a witness saw a group of kids hanging around one of the portables, and heard a loud bang come from inside.

Officers found the four teens at the scene, who admitted they'd been inside the portable—which they claimed was unlocked—but had only gone inside to get out of the rain.

Of course, when police checked the portable they found the door had been pried open and "there was fresh red and green paint on the walls," which just so happened to match the shade of paint drying on one of the teens' hands.

Officers noticed a "slight odor of intoxicants" on the teens and recovered a "partially consumed bottle of 'Remy Martin' champagne" from one of their backpacks.

The teens told officers they'd been drinking in the classroom and found several cans of paint, which they used to redecorate. 

According to the report, the group of teens decided to meet up in the classroom after one young woman was kicked out of her house. The report says the teens told officers that "numerous kids had recently been using the portable classroom as a gathering spot."

Officers fingerprinted the teens and "released [them] to a responsible adults." Police have requested that burglary charges be filed against the teens.

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