The Morning Blotter: Teens Burglarized South Seattle Home to "Earn Points" With Gang

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee April 7, 2010

Three teenage members of the Surenos Villains gang arrested last week for burglary last week told SPD detectives they broke into a South Seattle home to "earn points" with their gang, a police report says.

According to the report, a neighbor called Seattle police at about 3:30pm on March 30th and reported that she'd seen three Hispanic males—all wearing blue, white and black clothing—running out of the backyard of a home on 29th Ave S and S College St.

Gang detectives responded to the call and found the three suspects at S McClellan St and Martin Luther King Jr Wy S.

Police arrested the three boys—one of whom was carrying a knife—and transported them to the South Precinct.

Two of the boys agreed to talk to detectives about the burglary, but the third teen refused. However, the report says, at the precinct, the boy who had refused to talk to officers "began to bang on his cell door and stated he no longer wanted a lawyer [and] would like to speak to Seattle Police Officers about the incident."

All three boys told officers they had broken into the home looking for electronics they could resell on the street

All three boys also admitted to being Sureno Villians gang members. "Sureno Villians use burglary as a way to earn "points" within their ranking hierarchy to gain prestige and higher standing within the gang itself," Officer Jarrod Stone wrote in his report.

The three boys were later booked into the Youth Service Center.

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