The Morning Blotter: Student Attacks Schoolmate, Tells Him "I Hate Mexicans"

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee April 14, 2010

Seattle police are investigating a possible hate crime at Madrona K-8 after after, a police report says, one student pulled a plastic bag over another boy's head and told him "I hate Mexicans".

According to the report, the victim, his brother, and another friend went to an upper floor of the school on April 6th to get something from a locker. As the victim was opening his locker, another boy approached him, pulled a black plastic bag over his head, and told him "I hate Mexicans."

According to the report, the victim "could not take a breath and attempted to scream but could not due to lack of air." The suspect held the bag over the boy's face for about 13 seconds, the report says.

After the boy was let go, he turned around and saw his assailant laughing.

As the victim walked away, the other boy told him "I'm sorry. I'm just play'en. It was a joke."

The report appears to indicate that the suspect may have been involved in another similar incident shortly before the assault.

The report says the incident is being investigated as a case of malicious harassment, Washington's hate crime statute.

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