The Morning Blotter: Man Attacked After Accidentally Buying Crack

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee April 27, 2010

You can't even go downtown these days without accidentally buying crack off of someone!

Last week, a man called police and reported that he'd been attacked and robbed by a large group who begged him for money and then tried to sell him crack.

According to a police report, the man was walking home in Downtown Seattle at about 1:00am on April 20th when a group of nine men and women surrounded him and "asked if he wanted to buy something."

The man said no, but the group "continued to ask him for money and begged and pleaded for money," the report says.

The man told police he "became intimidated" by the sizable group, and told them he would get them some money from an ATM "because he felt bad for them."

The victim went to an ATM and gave one man in the group $20. When the victim tried to leave, another man came over and placed "two small white rocks (that may have been crack)" in his hand and said "gimme the money, gimme the money."

When the victim tried to give the crack back, the man threw him to the ground and a woman in the group grabbed for his wallet. The group then stole the victim's camera, money, and glasses.

Adding insult to injury, a woman in the group offered to sell the victim back his glasses. Of course, he had to remind her that the group had already stolen all of his money.

The man waited several days to call police, but eventually did. The man told officers he "was embarrassed to call...because he gave one of them money and was very intoxicated when he was robbed."

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