This Sunday, April 18, marks the inauguration of Seattle Restaurant Week (running ten days, actually, through April 29), during which more than 100 restaurants are offering three-course dinners for $25. (A fair number of them are also offering three-course lunches for $15.)

If this gives you a bit of deja vu, here's why: In Seattle, we've already got Dine Around Seattle (which just ran last month, featuring three courses for $30) and we also had the strangely named New Urban Eats, which has now morphed into Restaurant Week.

To be honest, I've always been dubious about these dining promotions. I know a few cooks and servers who complain about what amounts to a very busy, but very mundane and repetitive (and, gratuity-wise, thankless) month. But for diners, there is an undeniable big plus: The chance to try new places, especially places normally out of many people's price range (see: Canlis, Mistral Kitchen, and The Georgian, among many others on the list). If you go, just don't forget to tip well.
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