PubliCola's LawNerd, aka Advokat, is pouring over the transcript of Rob McKenna's hearing in front of the U.S. Supreme Court today—where Republican McKenna went up against the anti-gay rights group, Protect Marriage Washington,  arguing that initiative signatures musts be part of the public record.

But for now, this exchange is emerging as the quote of the day.
JUSTICE SCALIA: It may be an issue in which his administration has taken a particularly firm stand and the public may not trust the job that the Secretary of State does.

GENERAL McKENNA: That goes to the heart to the Public Records Act, Justice Scalia, trust but verify. The people did not leave to the State the idea that, well, we will let you know what you need to know.

JUSTICE SCALIA: Trust but verify, I like that.

McKenna's office sent out a press release after the hearing repeating the sound bite:

“Access to government information, including referendum petitions, allows Washingtonians to trust – but verify – their government’s work,” McKenna said. “The public’s right to government records is an overriding state interest and shouldn’t be pushed aside because of one controversial ballot campaign.”
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