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O'Brien Rumored to Switch Vote, Oppose Panhandling Bill

By Erica C. Barnett April 19, 2010

A staffer for city council member Mike O'Brien could "not confirm or deny" rumors that O'Brien may plan to switch his vote on Tim Burgess' aggressive-panhandling ordinance, which would expand the definition of aggressive solicitation and fine violators $50 if they fail to appear in court.

That tepid answer is much different than what O'Brien told us on Friday—that he was voting for the bill.

Mayor Mike McGinn, who was neutral on the idea of the legislation during the campaign but now strongly opposes it, has pressured O'Brien to switch his vote, vowing to force a re-vote by vetoing the ordinance even if it passes with a veto-proof majority.

The staffer said O'Brien is not granting media interviews before the vote, and O'Brien did not return calls to his cell phone today..
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