More Details On U-District Jack In the Box Stabbing

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee April 26, 2010

According to a police report released today, a dispute over "snitching" ultimately led to a stabbing outside the University District Jack in the Box last week.

Just before 8:00pm on April 19th, the victim was standing in the parking lot of the restaurant on the corner of 50th and University when a man—described as a "black male, 31-35 years old"—approached him. The men got into a verbal confrontation, the report says, and the suspect told the victim "You call me a snitch? We'll see." According to the report, the suspect then "took off his gold watch, obtained a pocket knife from [another person] standing nearby, and stabbed the victim in the left arm...with the knife."

The victim stumbled back into another man, who "became enraged," and punched the victim in the face. The victim went inside the Jack in the Box to call 911, but the second man followed him inside and continued punching him. The victim swung back, and police arrived a short time later, and

Police found the man who'd punched the victim at the scene and arrested him, but officer were unable to find the man armed with the knife.

The victim was taken to UW hospital for treatment for an inch-and-a-half stab wound to his bicep. The report says the man refused to provide police with a written statement about the incident.

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