Man Threatens Gas Works Park Rangers, Mugs a Homeless Man for His Steel Reserve

By Tom Fucoloro April 19, 2010

Seattle police arrested a man in Wallingford last week after he allegedly threatened several Parks Rangers at Gas Works Park by brandishing a stick with nails in it and then later mugged a homeless man.

Police found the victim bleeding heavily from the mouth in the middle of N. Northlake Way around 12:45 p.m. April 13, according to the police report. The man said he and the alleged attacker had been at Gas Works Park earlier, and the suspect was kicked out of the park by police after he threatened park rangers with a stick with nails in it.

The suspect then proceeded to harass the victim by following him around and rambling at him. The victim asked to be left alone several times.

According to the report, the suspect followed the victim into a nearby shipyard., where the victim stays, with the permission of the business owners—.  Not wanting to lose the privilege of staying there, he asked the suspect to leave.

The suspect then allegedly punched him in the mouth, knocking him to the ground in one blow. The suspect took the victim's six-pack of Steel Reserve and left the scene. Police found the suspect 300 feet away on the Burke-Gilman trail drinking one of the stolen beers. They arrested him and contacted the Department of Corrections, who confirmed he was in violation of his probation.

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