Man Says He's Repeatedly Been Targeted In Robberies and Assaults In Downtown Seattle

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee April 28, 2010

Seattle police are investigating a man's claim that he was threatened at knifepoint in Downtown Seattle for, like, the umpteenth time.

Police were called to the Sheraton Hotel in downtown Seattle at about 4:50am on April 22nd after a man walked into the hotel and asked staff for help.

The man told police he was at a bus stop at 3rd and Pike at about 4:30am when a woman carrying a knife approached him and told him "I'm going to kill you."

waved the knife around, taunted him, and then left the scene. The man told police he believes the same woman tried to rob him several weeks ago.

After his strange encounter with the woman, the man walked to the Sheraton and asked the staff to call police.

After police interviewed the man, they asked him how he was going to get home. The man told officers he was going to walk back to the bus stop because he "was not afraid of the suspect."

The report says the man has been "the victim in a number of SPD reports concerning robberies, assaults, and threats in the downtown area."

Police were unable to find the female suspect.

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