Man Accuses Two UW Football Players Of Throwing Bottles At Him, Threatening to Kill Him

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee April 29, 2010

Seattle police contacted two University of Washington football players at a University District apartment last week after a man on the street claimed the two players threw beer bottles at him from a balcony and threatened to kill him, a police report says.

Shortly before 2:30am, police were called to 50th and Brooklyn in the U district and spotted several men on a balcony in a "verbal altercation" with another group of men on the street.

One of the men on the balcony had a beer bottle in his hand and, according to the report, "made a motion as though he were about to throw it at the males on the street."

When the men on the balcony realized police were on scene, they ran back inside the unit, the report says.

Police contacted the two men on the street, one of whom told officers he had been walking on 40th and Brooklyn when someone threw several beer bottles at him from the balcony of a nearby apartment building. The victim also told officers one of the men on the balcony had shouted "I am going to kill you," during the incident.

Officers found several broken beer bottles in the street below the apartment and contacted a man inside the unit.

The man in the apartment told police he had not been involved in the incident, and pinned the bottle-throwing on another man, who had left the apartment.

Police found the other man not far from the scene, but he too denied doing anything wrong, and said he'd left the apartment because he "did not want to be accused of a crime he did not commit."

The report indicates the two men in the apartment are members of the UW Husky football team. The names of the players are redacted from the report, which notes that one of the players is a sophomore, and the other is a junior.

Police did not arrest either of the alleged bottle throwers and court records indicate no charges have been filed.

Last month, UW football player Andru Pulu was arrested and charged with assault after he beat a member of the UW soccer team outside of a party in the University District. Pulu pleaded guilty to second degree assault charges earlier this week.

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