Man Arrested After Accidentally Shooting Neighbor in Sand Point

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee April 2, 2010

Seattle police arrested a man at his Sand Point apartment this afternoon after he accidentally shot another tenant in his building.

Police were called to an apartment building in the 4000 block of NE 50th shortly after 1:30pm for a report of a shooting.

According to sources we've spoken with, the incident occurred when the suspect—a man in his 30s—was attempting to put a sling on an AK-47-style rifle in his apartment, and accidentally fired the weapon.

The round went through the floor and into a lower unit, grazing another tenant in the forehead.

The shooter thought he'd removed the magazine from the gun, but apparently hadn't.

The tenant was not seriously injured in the incident, and initially didn't even realize he had been shot.

Police booked the gunman—a man in his 30s—into the King County Jail for reckless endangerment and took his gun.

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