Last Night: McGuire Version

By Josh Feit April 12, 2010

From Cola Bad Cop, Cynara Lilly:

Last night I had planned to go out for wine with a friend.  Instead my boyfriend I spent three hours in front of Craigslist searching for a place to live.  Why?  Because I live in theMcGuire, the 25 story building in Belltown that is now slated for demolishment, just nine years after completion. (Seattlest broke the news Saturday. Cola's RealEstateNerd's take here.)

On Friday evening we received notices asking all residents to attend a Saturday meeting where we were basically told to get out by May 15th (Yes they are sweetening the deal with some serious dough. I'm getting $2500 plus three months of rent).

The building has been wrapped in scaffolding for over two years (with workers kinda showing up and kinda doing stuff), and has been embroiled in a bitter lawsuit between the building's management and the firms and architects responsible for the actual construction.

In one of the best PR moves I've ever seen, by the end of the weekend the building's unlivable status and the mass move out was allover the news, even making NBC's national headlines.  The last minute weekend announcement left no room for the architects or construction company to respond, declare the building safe, or counter the property management's claims.

So now we are searching.  Already Craigslist is full of "McGuire resident specials," $99 dollar deposits on ugly carpeted boxes in 3rd avenue, and every broker I call asks if I'm from the McGuire.  The race is on...500 Belltown renters were displaced in one day and we are all out hitting the pavement trying to replicate our McGuire lifestyle.
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