Last night I went to an indie show at the bike shop.

20/20 Cycle is the little neighborhood shop on 21st and Union. Rows of vintage bikes line the walls and bike wheels hang over the windows.

In one corner a mounted elk head hangs over the fireplace. Seasoned hipsters sipped whiskey from paper bags and a gang of teenagers sat cross-legged on the floor. There were about 30 scruffy bicycle punks and neighborhood kids, flannel clad and nodding happily.

A girl with a red snowflake sweater read a story about a skeleton that gets a kick out of driving monster trucks through crowds of people. The band, Triumph of Lethargy Skinned Alive to Death, featuring a tiny singer with rosy cheeks who called herself "Cap Lori," played rumbling Velvet Underground dirges. “I want to be a man, I want to be a man, I want to be a man,” Cap Lori sang.

The show was over at 9:30. A little drunk, we rode our bicycles into the city.
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