Last Night

Last Night

By Josh Feit April 3, 2010

I took Jonathan Cunningham's advice last night and went to the Black Stax show at Pun(c)tuation on Pike Street in Capitol Hill.

Black Stax frontwoman Felicia Loud at Capitol Hill's Pun(c)tuation. Photo by Jennifer Haller.

The little art gallery—packed and murmuring—was greeted, from the left side of the room, with an extended drum kit and trumpet duet. Then diva Felicia Loud stepped into a solo soul aria and the room fell silent.

Next, from the opposite corner of the room by the bar, the Silent Lambs Project dudes rapped over a hypnotic DJ bass drone which eventually synced up with more trumpet melodies. And finally, all together now—Black Stax now—more of Loud's elegant soul singing harmonizing over the masculine rap.

The surround sound orchestration rocked the crowd, which added slow dancing and shoutouts of their own to the mix.

Welcome to Seattle. Black Stax will release its debut album in May.
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