Police Called to Beauty School Brawl on Broadway

By Tom Fucoloro April 14, 2010

Two female students were suspended from Seattle Central Community College last week after an argument at SCCC's beauty school turned ugly and erupted into a brawl, and police were called.

The argument began at about 6:45 on April 7th, when one of the fighters took offense to some comments made by the other student. They began yelling at each other loudly enough to attract the attention of a school staff member. One of the girls threw a stack of books to the ground and the punches started flying. 

The girls fell to the floor, punching and kicking each other until they were separated by school staff, who called the police. One of the fighters had a cut on her lip from a kick, but did not want medical attention.

No one was arrested and neither girl wanted to pursue charges.



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