Attempted Robbery In Freeway Park

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee April 20, 2010

A woman was "dragged" across Freeway Park as she tried to hold on to her purse during a robbery last week.

At about 4:00pm on April 12th, the victim and her companion were walking through the Washington State Convention Center when they noticed two men following them.

As the victims walked through the convention center and out in to Freeway Park, the two suspects walked up on either side of them, surrounding them.

One of the suspects grabbed the victim's purse and attempted to rip it from her arm. The Woman was pulled to the ground and "dragged" by the suspects, the police report says, leaving her with cuts on her hands and forearms, and bruises on her shoulder.

The woman was able to hold on to her purse, and the robbers eventually fled.

A witness followed the suspects to 6th Ave, but lost sight of them. Police also did an area search but were unable to find the suspects.

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