The Morning Blotter: Man Tries to Stab Bar Manager Near Qwest Field

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee March 1, 2010

Police arrested an armed man in SoDo earlier this month after, a police report says, he tried to stab a bar manager.

According to the report, on February 21st, the manager at a bar on 1st Ave and King St was walking to his car with his girlfriend at about 4:30p.m. when he saw the suspect pulling on the doors of the then-closed bar. The manager yelled at the suspect and told him to leave. The suspect became agitated, the report says, "reached into his pants, brandished a knife, and lunged towards" the manager.

The manager grabbed a metal outdoor table and used it as a shield as the suspect repeatedly tried to stab him. The suspect then fled.

The manager called 911 from his cell phone and, while he was on the phone, the suspect began throwing rocks at him

Police arrested the suspect near Qwest Field and recovered the knife.

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