The Morning Blotter: Man Pulls Gun On Impatient Bank Customer In Columbia City

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee March 8, 2010

Next time you want to belt out an audibly exasperated sigh at the asshole in front of you who's taking too long at the ATM/QFC self-checkout/urinal trough, you might want to think again.

On February 28th, a woman was in the ATM line at the Bank of America on Rainier Ave S and S Edmunds with her four-year-old son, waiting for a man to finish up.

From the report, it appears the man was taking a long time and became aware that some of the people in line behind him were growing impatient.

The man turned to the woman and her son and said "shut up or I'll make you shut up." The report does not indicate if the woman said anything to the man.

When the woman pulled out her phone to call 911, the man whipped out a handgun and said "go ahead, call the police."

The man fled, but police found him about a half-block away.

Police recovered the man's handgun—which turned out to be fake—and booked him in to the King County Jail for harassment.

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